Port Forwarding is showing successful in the app but the port is not actually forwarded

  • I have AT&T fiber so I am using their gateway (Arris BGW-210) and using the IP Passthrough function to let my Amplifi HD router handle everything. I'm running an Emby server that needs port 8096 open for remote connections. I have it set in the Amplifi app to forward that port but when I try to connect it fails. I used canyouseeme.org to verify whether the port is being forwarded and it is not. So the setting in the app is essentially doing nothing, and I would like to know how to solve this?

    Running latest firmware.

  • I agree with Jayson - I highly question whether traffic is getting through the port on the AT&T gateway or not. Start there first. I have never seen a port forward rule not work on my AmpliFi but I don't use it too terribly heavily either, just from time to time and always a temporary thing until I move something I'm hosting to the cloud.

  • @jayson-knight There's a good chance I didn't. I have the allocation mode set to passthrough in the gateway configuration, then i have the passthrough mode set to dhcps-fixed. I have the mac address off my Amplifi HD router entered as the device chosen for passthrough fixed MAC address. However, when I look at the IP address in the Amplifi router it is giving me a LAN address and not a public one. So I'm guessing you are correct. Is the problem the way I've set it up? It is definitely not very intuitive. Before when I had cable internet I owned my own modem and was able to easily set up a dmz, which does not seem to even be an option with AT&T.

  • @matt-hukill I think you can call AT&T and they'll either just do it for you or walk you through the steps (whichever you'd prefer). Maybe it's different now but that's how it used to be.

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