Netcomm NF18ACV with Amplifi HD Mesh

  • Apologies in advance, i'm not very tech savvy.
    I'm thinking of getting Amplifi HD mesh system but not sure if this will pair with Netcomm NF18ACV, as we are on a two-storey house with solid blockwork. currently using an extender to get some wifi on upstairs bedroom.
    Not sure which needs to be in bridge mode, the Netcomm or the Amplifi.
    Also thinking of getting another Amplify HD standalone router to be paired later as our son do a lot of online gaming and would have better connection if wired to the mesh, his computer is located upstairs.
    thanks for any input you can share.

  • The amplifi should be in bridge mode,
    The stand alone routers can be configured as a Mesh point paired with the bridge mode router if need be.

    Also disable WiFi on the NetComm.

  • @rosario-barretto the Netcomm NF18ACV seems to handle VOIP as well, so if you are using this service (or any other service from that ISP) then @Edward-Dolezal is correct. Place AmpliFi in bridge mode and disable the WiFi on the NF18ACV.

    Another point to add, AmpliFi stand alone routers can be added to your mesh network via ethernet backhaul. This will give your son the best possible gaming experience. If you do not have the option to hardwire the second AmpliFi router, connecting it as a wireless meshpoint will work and the ethernet ports will be live for his wired devices. Their performance will be limited to the wireless speed the RAMP (Router as a Meshpoint) is receiving.

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