Additional SSID not working on ethernet backhaul

  • I have 1 x AmpliFi Gamers edition + Mesh points (as the main unit)
    and 1 x AmpliFi HD router (Connected via Ethernet Backhaul)

    When I set the Additional SSID option it only works on the main units. The unit connected via ethernet backhaul doesn't show the additional SSID 😞 Gues network works fine. Anyone come across this?

  • Hi @yusuf-limalia - maybe I am forgetting something, but can’t you create the additional SSID’s on an individual basis?

    So in the app you can select the HD router mesh point and create the SSID there?

  • I agree with Derek, I think you have to set it on a per-node basis. The idea is that you might have some IOT devices that are stationary and you don't want hoping from node to node (like an always-on video camera or a Smart TV), so you can then set an additional SSID on a single node ("MyNetwork-Upstairs" or something) to put your IOT devices on. While mesh networking is great for a lot of things, there are some caveats where it can cause some problems as the client decides there is a stronger node (for just a few moments when it changes its decision). Unfortunately, whether to switch nodes is a decision that clients make and, well, sometimes they don't make very good decisions (or sometimes just human bodies walking around in conjunction with the microwave being turned on change the wireless characteristics for just a brief moment).

    I'm kinda surprised that you're seeing an Additional SSID that you configure on the main node be duplicated by the two Meshpoints. I don't think this is meant to happen.

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