New Amplifi router, meshpoints not connecting

  • Hi,
    I have just changed a broken Amplifi router (from a kit) to a new Amplifi router, and i cannot get the old meshpoints to connect to the new router. I have tried resetting them. Any suggestions?

  • Their hard coded to a router it came with

  • @edward-dolezal Is there a way to change the hard coding? If not, then for future proof purposes it seems best to not buy kits!

  • @james-ford it's factory paired, to the device technically no, it world have to be ready programmed, but it's better to RMA the kit.

  • @nicholai-bjerke-jensen Did you exchange the device through our RMA process? If so please DM me your RM# so I can look into this with you and get the proper device shipped to you.

  • @edward-dolezal

    So you're saying we can't intermix mesh units?

  • Hi @craig-jones - you can intermix mesh units, but there are restrictions when it comes to kits:

    • you canโ€™t combine kits together
    • you canโ€™t split kits
    • if you have a kit then the router from the kit must be the primary installation of the mesh

    You can add stand-alone units to a mesh kit - no problem

  • @derek-saville

    Ah, that would explain why some shops only sell the routers in Australia, no mesh units.

    Why have Ubiquiti done this?


  • @craig-jones actually in Australia there was a recall on Mesh points because of a fault in the design that cause the housing to crack and expose electrical parts.

  • I haven't sent mine in yet been I can't get the gamers edition here in Australia or a replacement kit exactly because leader systems hasn't responded to my calls or emails about the warranty or sending it back.

    If I could get a new kit with the gamers edition mesh points in white I would.

  • @craig-jones that is a great question! AmpliFi has taken a user friendly approach with its design. Anyone with high level networking experience all the way to zero networking experience can setup and configure AmpliFi. With that in mind, users can simply plug the meshpoints in and once the basic network has been setup the meshpoints are up and running. If they were not factory paired, it would add time and extra steps to the setup, taking away from its simplicity.

  • @craig-jones said in New Amplifi router, meshpoints not connecting:

    Ah, that would explain why some shops only sell the routers in Australia, no mesh units.

    Kinda. It's just the pre-packaged kits that include both the routers & two bundled meshpoints that have this limitation. As @Derek-Saville stated, you can buy (at least in the US, dunno anything about AU) additional stand-alone Meshpoints (or additional stand-alone routers) and you will not have this limitation.

  • @shane-milton you can buy the standalone in Australia but it's hard only Kogan as far as I'm aware stock them I think maybe a few other places but they need to bring them back again with the gamers edition asap.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - you might also consider using an Instant Router in place of a MeshPoint HD
    The standalone Instants are only 2x2 MIMO with slightly lower transmission power, but for my applications I have found them to actually be better suited as mesh points than the MeshPoint HDs
    Cheaper least in the US

    If you really want a mesh point plugged into a socket then the power cord will be less convenient
    Otherwise the additional features (i.e. Ethernet ports) make them a little a more future proof and I haven't had anyone notice an actual real world speed difference versus a MeshPoint HD

  • I can get Mesh HD units in AUS, or in combination packs, I just noticed some didn't stock them at all.

    I find it more concerning that the mesh units in kits are locked to the routers they came with. If I buy more AmpliFi HD stuff, I'll need to label them clearly so I don't intermix "kit" mesh units with standalone mesh units. Just explaining it is hassle, and I don't understand it.

    The power of mesh is being able to add new units (kit or non-kit units) and build a fantastic network!

    I bought a kit with router + 1x mesh, just to start testing AmpliFi. The router was intended for a client, but they don't need the mesh unit. I was going to sell them the router, and keep the mesh unit for a future AmpliFi system (or if they needed 1). Now I can't do that, so I'll need to buy another standalone router to sell that client, and find somewhere to use this kit, as a kit.

    Just to confirm, you can't "un-pair" kit mesh units from their routers, and re-pair them into another system?

    @ Derek Saville
    re: Instant Router

    After testing my AmpliFi HD kit's signal strength in my small home, I doubt the instants would get through the 1st or 2nd wall. I found the AmpliFi's a little weak, not much better than my $50 Netgear actually. It was the concrete outside walls, it just couldn't get through very well. So, I would assume the Instants would be much weaker. I'm trying to find a standard home router solution for my clients, some thing I can easily expand, I hoped AmpliFi was the answer.

    I have a UniFi AP-LR here too, now that thing pumps out a decent signal! I might end up using UniFi for residential clients, I mean the AP's are cheaper and much better, just need the controller software and all that stuff. More likely though, I'll forgot the mesh units, and just pair the AmpliFi routers together.

    The other disappointing issue I have with AmpliFi, is they seem very similar to the ACB-AC airCube AC Router, but without PoE. If AmpliFi had PoE, it would be a winner for my fixed wireless clients, hands down. The ACB-AC can power my CPE, but has no expandability, the AmpliFi has expandability but no PoE for CPE. Seems like the 2 should have a baby, and make our lives a dream ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry if that all sounds a bit harsh, I'm just giving my honest 1st and 2nd impressions. I really want to see a product range I love, and Ubiquiti have a habit of doing that, in part at least.


  • @craig-jones said:

    Just to confirm, you can't "un-pair" kit mesh units from their routers, and re-pair them into another system?

    Correct - there is no possibility to un-pair a kit

    I personally don't find the cost savings of the kits worth the restrictions and I have never had success with the directional antenna of the MeshPoint HDs providing any real world value anyways

    So I pretty much exclusively use standalone HD Routers, avoid MeshPoints HDs altogether and sparingly use standalone Instants when the situation calls for needing a single Ethernet jack or for low priority WiFi access

    Your assessment pretty much matches many other's frustrations with wanting AmpliFi to be a little more than it is for those that don't want to go the full UniFi route, but maybe UNMS will help correct that once AmpliFi is integrated in?

  • @derek-saville

    Keeping me sane Derek, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another question actually. How do you tell if a mesh unit is factory paired to a router?

    When I bought this "kit", it came with 1 router and 1 meshpoint, but they came in separate boxes. Does this mean I have a "free" and "independent" meshpoint lol, or do they ship paired meshpoints like that anyway?

    I thought maybe the box and unit, would have something printed on it. Honestly, for something designed to so "user-friendly", they've managed to make a real breakfast out of it. Onwards and upwards, I'm sure things will get better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also... the meshpoints state clearly on box, that they can be used with EITHER an AmpliFi router (for best results) OR a 3rd party router, and extend its network. How then, can a meshpoint be factory locked to a specific AmpliFi router, unable to be paired with a different AmpliFi router, but CAN be paired with any 3rd party router. You won't get mesh probably, but still?


  • Hi @craig-jones - I have personally never bought a kit
    However, I do know the kit MeshPoints should have 2 MAC address listed on them, one identifying the router it is paired with

    Kits also always have 2 MeshPoints, so if you only got one, it must be standalone

    If your MeshPoint HD says it can be used with a 3rd party router, then it is standalone

    Kit MeshPoints cannot be used with 3rd party routers - they are designed to only automatically attach and mesh with their paired router with no need for user intervention...just plug them

  • @Craig-Jones Kit mesh points will have 2 MAC ID barcodes placed on the back of the unit. One is the meshpoints MAC, the other is the router it is factory paired with so no need to label them.

  • @craig-jones said in New Amplifi router, meshpoints not connecting:

    When I bought this "kit", it came with 1 router and 1 meshpoint, but they came in separate boxes.

    This sounds like the retailer you purchased this from built their own "kit". We only sell kits with 1 router and 2 mesh points. Check the mesh point for two barcodes, but I believe @Derek-Saville is correct and you have two stand alone devices.

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