New Amplifi router, meshpoints not connecting

  • I got it to work

    I had 4 already set up and working flawlessly for 2 years. I purchased 2 additional from someone on Facebook Marketplace that did not need the 2 meshpoints that came with his router. I spent hours trying to get these to pair without success. I unplugged all the other meshpoints, did a paper clip reset on the power supply and still nothing. It would act like it was going to work up to the point of naming the meshpoints and they would just freeze up.

    What worked was:

    1. Set up the meshpoints as stand alone meshpoints first (it will recommend the standard setup, but choose continue anyways).
    2. Do a firmware update
    3. Reset to factory settings through the app
    4. Then adding it on as you would normally.

    If this does not work, try doing a factory reset on the router first and then set up everything like you would a new system only plugging one meshpoints in at a time. I think the firmware update allowed me to reset the factory pairing to the original router.

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