Roaming not smooth

  • I am experiencing problems with roaming with iPhones. When I am walking between MeshPoints during a FaceTime call, the WiFi connection will drop and my phone will connect to LTE. After a few seconds it will reconnect to WiFi. The period of time on LTE varies before reconnecting. I have tried switching band steering and router steering on and off, but the problem persists. Anyone out there see the same, or have a solution?

  • I've got the same problem on my iPad and iPhone. If you are playing Hearthstone and roam between points it will disconnect from the WiFi for a good 10 seconds or so before reconnecting.

    Surely AmpliFi should have the fast roaming feature taken from the UniFi system?

  • @peter-farrar
    Looks like it is currently functioning more like a range extender than a mesh system? Hope this will be fixed in future firmware update please!

  • Roaming works great on UniFi AP's so there is no reason it shouldn't work well on AmpliFi too. I presume they share a similar codebase.

  • Try turning on "Separate WiFi SSID". This will enable separate 2G / 5G specific SSID's. Here's the crazy part: you don't need to connect to one of the specific SSID's for this to work. Just enabling the feature fixed 99% of my connectivity issues. Hope this works for you too!

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