WiFi band steering upgrade

  • On the router's interface or AmpliFi App WiFi band steering need to be upgraded by this: (WHEN ONLY 1 SSID HAVE)
    All devices can be send to 5GHz if they can connect the 5GHz band with MAC ADRESS or when the devices been discovered in the APP or the router's settings (internet browser) send the chosen device/devices to connect 5GHz.

  • @bial-dániel you are better off to set up a separate ssid in that case.

    You can't simply just force a device to hit the 5ghz band, if you had to do it via Mac address you would be better off with a device detection that could determine which band each individual device supports.

    Each device has different WiFi firmware, which makes it near impossible to push the device to jump to 5ghz, the current method is to nudge it to 5ghz but the rest is up to the device.

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