Lease validity stuck on 12 hours?

  • I purchased this AMPLIFI router a little over a week ago and installed it at exactly 7:18pm. Since then every day at 7:18 am and pm the router loses connection. I contacted live support and was told to change the lease validity to 1 year. Made sense so I changed immediately only to wake up and find out it continued to shut off at 7:18. Live support didn’t have any more solutions so I tried a factory reset the next day at 7:05pm (1 year lease) and low and behold now it shuts off at 7:05 am and pm. I wouldn’t even mind if it was once a day at 2am, but every 12 hours is not acceptable.

  • What modem is Infront of it?

  • My modem is a Cisco model # DPQ3212

  • @sandy-connolly is it possible to check the modern logs incase it's what is dropping out, because it seems like your ISP might be changing the lease times and also is the modem in bridge mode.

  • @sandy-connolly That model looks to be a modem only, so bridge mode shouldn't be needed in this case. AmpliFi does not have an automatic reboot setting, so this behavior is either on the ISP side, or possible a defective unit that needs replacing. I do doubt the need for a replacement though, because of how connection is lost at exactly 12 hour intervals, defects are usually more sporadic.

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