How to Add "Instant Mesh System" to "AmpliFi HD Mesh Router"

  • I recently bought an Instant Mesh System which worked great, so I purchased an AmpliFi HD Mesh Router as well, but I'm having trouble adding the Instant to the HD Router. I thought it would be straightforward, but the Instant router won't connect to the HD router as a Mesh point. Can anyone help please?

  • @carlos-dominiak - is the HD router a standalone unit?

    Which is your primary router you installed first, the Instant or the HD?

    Since the Instant is a kit it MUST be installed as the primary router.

    Then you should be able to add the HD as an additional mesh point

    It won’t work the other way around with the HD as the primary router

    If you want the HD to be the primary router I would suggest returning the Instant System and getting one or two standalone Instant routers to add to the mesh instead

  • Yes, the HD router is a standalone unit.

    The Instant Kit was installed first, however I thought I would be able to use the HD router as the primary router and then turn the Instant router into a mesh point. Having it the other way around doesn't suit my needs unfortunately.

    I can actually see the Instant router listed as a new mesh point detected by the HD router, but after naming the mesh point in the app, the Instant router displays Configuring but then fails to connect and the App goes back to showing it listed as a New Mesh Point.

    If I can't get it to work this way, could I go Ethernet from the HD Router to the Instant Router and still have both on the same WiFi?
    Is this what "Ethernet Backbone" is and how would I configure this setup?


  • Hi @carlos-dominiak - if you have a system/kit, then the router from the kit must always be the primary router of the single mesh.
    Ethernet Backbone is for use in a single mesh network.

    You do have the option of running two separate mesh networks using the same SSID and password with the equipment you have, but they won't be a true mesh and you have to manage them separately, which is not very convenient.

    It is pretty easy to try out if you want to test it though

    • Install your HD Router as you would normally setting SSID & password
    • Install an Ethernet cable from an HD lan port to the Instant Router WAN port
    • Setup the Instant Router in Bridge Mode using the same SSID & password as the HD

    Just note that these two systems are NOT meshed together and operating independently so roaming may be problematic, and I recommend placing them as far apart as possible with minimal signal overlap

    Are you wanting the HD to be the primary router because of the additional Ethernet ports?

    If you can't return the Instant Mesh System and replace it with a standalone components you might also try keeping the Instant Router as the main router.
    Since you have an Ethernet Backbone option, use that cable as the WAN connection to the Instant in the location you want it and try the HD as a wireless mesh point?
    Or run a second Ethernet Backbone cable back to the HD (which is not ideal, but should work)?

    Just trying to give you some other options...

  • Thanks very much @derek-saville I've set up my system just as you've described and everything is working just as I'd like so far. It's a pity the Instant Kit won't mesh with the HD router this way, however I'll see how wifi roaming goes.

  • Hi @carlos-dominiak - let us know if you run into roaming issues
    You might need to go in and manually specify the channels for each router to avoid interference if things don't seem to be working quite right

    Please also note that because your Instant is in Bridge mode, it is not utilizing many of the features, such as QoS, Guest access, etc.
    Those features will only be available on the main HD router
    If you want full access to those features then you need find a way to make the Instant the primary router and use the HD as a mesh point

  • @carlos-dominiak as Derek described, if you want the full functionality of all devices in one network (Not using bridge mode) you can configure the Instant as your primary router, and add the HD as an ethernet backhaul unit. This should be pretty simple since it sounds like you already have an ethernet line ran. The only issue you may face is obtaining full gig speeds on your network (if you have a 1000MBPs connection) because the Instant doesn't have the Hardware NAT feature.

  • This is helpful as I want to add my HD router to a Amplifi Instant "kit" in my environment. If the HD is a mesh point rather than the main router, what benefits am I losing? I can still use the ethernet client ports, right? Does the HD have a stronger/ better radio and better suited to be main router? Or is radio performance mostly the same? What are the trade-offs? What am I losing by using the HD as a meshpoint rather than as the main router? THANK YOU!

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