Concrete buildings 75 ft apart

  • Would the router and 2 mesh points work in this situation?
    Our B&B is approx 7000 sq ft, all concrete, lots of rebar, the router is wired in on the end of the building, I can place one mesh point about 20 ft away through 2 concrete walls. I'm wondering if the 2nd mesh point would work in another concrete building 75 ft away, again through 2 concrete walls.

  • @penny-lebrun Its very difficult to say if the signal will or will not penetrate the concrete walls, but that distance with two walls to go through is highly unlikely in my personal opinion. For situations like this I would consider using Ubiquiti's Nanostations, like this one here in conjunctions with AmpliFi. You can always configure AmpliFi and test before adding any other devices. Through the AmpliFi Store you will have a 30 day return/exchange policy.

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