AMPLIFI Speedtest vs Ookla

  • I have a 400/40 internet connection. When I use the AMPLIFI build in Speedtest I get 213/40. If I go to Ookla’s with my MacBook with a wired connection, I get the full 400/40.
    Why the big difference in test results?

  • The server used and probably the amount of connection used to test.

  • @edward-dolezal Yep. You mostly cannot rely on the built-in speedtest to show you accurate speeds. For me, it's mostly useful to show that I have a functional setup, not an optimal setup. I pull 950/265 with my AmpliFi setup but the in-app speedtest only shows ~190/90. It just doesn't have the infrastructure behind it to do proper speedtests for high-bandwidth scenarios.

  • @shane-milton every speed test tool is different to each other, I suspect that since you brought it up that some people are using the built in speed test and claiming they gahev speed issues.

  • @edward-dolezal Yep. I'm getting to the point where, if somebody has "gigabit issues with AmpliFi", that I make sure they use Ookla bypassing AmpliFi to identify a server where they can get gigabit speeds from then going back in through AmpliFi (with Hardware NAT enabled) to the same Ookla server. Even a different Ookla server is not good enough.

    And honestly, I expect that they'll even struggle identifying a good server to test Gigabit against via Ookla. But the point is, I stress that the before & after test are done exactly the same in both scenarios, from the same computer (not all ethernet ports are created equally).

  • Hi @shane-milton - are you using PPPoE and/or IPv6 on your gigabit service?

    Do you find the real time bandwidth displays to be accurate at steady state with near gigabit transfers?


  • @derek-saville No PPPoE nor IPv6.

    Yes, within reason and at steady state transfers (display lags tests by a couple seconds when transitioning, it seems). I see a little bit of discrepancy where the display shows a tad higher than the speedtest but that makes sense given networking overhead. For instance, if I test at 950mbps, the display might show 965mbps.

    I have also noticed that the Ookla Windows 10 app (from the Windows Store) consistently tests higher than the Ookla website in any browser. We're talking ~880mbps vs 950mbps hitting the same server.

  • Hi @shane-milton - thanks, I also see fairly consistent and seemingly accurate real time steady state speeds, and I usually use that as my judgment for quality of service for the router to ISP level

    I believe some of the gigabit speed issues are related to services using PPPoE / IPv6 / VLANs, etc, so you are one of the lucky ones
    There are definitely some installations where Hardware NAT isn't enough by itself to achieve the rated gigabit line speed with an AmpliFi HD Router

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