Incorrect password Wi-Fi issue

  • Hi there! Ten days ago bought AmpliFi HD (AFI-HD). First time everything was okay, it upgraded firmware to the latest version, mesh antennas connected to the router, speed & coverage was incredible. But then we noticed that in the dining room all Apple WiFi devices suddenly disconnects and when we try to reconnect devices we get error message that password is incorrect. At the same time we don’t have same WiFi SSID in our neighborhood or other network devices. I tried to change encryption technology but had same effect. Signal strength in the dining room is about 80% Please help me 🙂

  • Hello @ivan-sokol. We have heard a few reports of this strange behavior and we are currently researching it. We have found that if you power cycle your network the devices will automatically connect with no further action on your part. Others have reported that a single reboot fixes this issue and it has never resurfaced. Please let me know if this fixes it for you as well.

  • Hello, I just purchased the same product and finally got it setup mostly. I haven't added the mesh points yet due to a login issue.

    I first tried setting up the device with the Android app on a Pixel 3a and it kept failing. I grabbed the iPhone XR installed the iOS app and tried to complete the setup and it worked.

    I now have WiFi working, but the iPhone is the only device that can log into the admin settings of the router. I can't get logged in using the Pixel or my laptop. I've changed the password using the iPhone and tried on the Pixel and the laptop but keep getting an "incorrect password" message.

    The router is on v2.9.5 firmware which I updated after initial setup.

  • @jj-satkowski Did you create a different password for admin access over the wireless password? I have never seen this behavior before. Are the devices you are testing able to access the wireless network and internet?

  • @ubnt-brett Yes, it's a different password for admin than it is for WiFi.

    Everything works fine, devices can connect to the system and operate. but I can't log into the admin page from anything except the iPhone app I used to set it up. My Android app won't log in and neither can I log in from a web browser on any computer, Mac or Linux.

    Edit: Well, now I don't what to believe. I just changed the password AGAIN from the iOS app and now I can get into the admin settings from the Android phone and the web page. very weird.

  • I had this issue just now. Possible steps to reproduce:

    1. Using Amplifi app on iPhone
    2. Trying to allocate a static lease for one of Ethernet ports
    3. Then decided not to, because it may reset ongoing transfers
    4. Leave configuration page - do not save changes

    After this the connection was lost. Was unable to reconnect to WiFi, although I am 100% sure that password was correct. Then, eventually, WiFi restored by itself, after couple minutes.

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