Disable NAT + Specify Subnets (IPv4 and IPv6)

  • My Amplifi will be behind another router which provides NAT, and so the WAN address on IPv4 is actually a private address, but it'll have real IPv6 addresses. The complete lack of VLAN separation is a huge pain, but it would be nice to be able to specify the subnets on the device, and also disable NAT if desired.

    • Specify entire LAN subnet (e.g. not just restricted to a bunch of pre-sets) on IPv4

    • Specify IPv6 ranges (Accepting DHCPv6-PD would also be a good option)

    • Specify entire Guest Subnet

    • Specify entire IPv6 Guest Subnet

    The ability to disable NAT (Especially for IPv6, the whole point of V6 is to avoid NAT), and stop double natting would be good. Similarly, to enable/disable the firewall or have the ability to insert basic rules in some kind of "advanced mode" to allow inbound connections to specific hosts.

  • @lee-hetherington Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future

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