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  • Good morning, I'm a broadband owner and I'm interested in buying the teleport, so I can access my nvr from another location, is it possible?

    I'm a resident of Brazil, will I have a problem?

  • Hi @wagner-valentim - the short answer is yes, you can access your home network NVR from a remote location using a Teleport as long as you also have a companion AmpliFi HD router installed at your home location to act as a VPN server

    The AmpliFi HD router can be installed in Bridge mode if you already have a home router that you are satisfied with

    There are some issues you need to be aware of

    The upload speed at your home network will limit the transfer speed to the Teleport network, so you generally want the fastest upstream service you can get

    If you have latency sensitive needs (i.e. real-time high def video streaming) you may experience significant pausing and buffering depending on how well the player handles high latency

    If you are traveling and staying at hotels, the download speed at your remote site can also be speed limiting

    Finally, I will just say that Teleport is still not a very mature product from a software perspective

    It can’t connect to hidden SSIDs

    Many hotels have DNS locks and redirects that make connecting very difficult or nearly impossible

    Secure networks, like at an enterprise, might not allow port access

    And in general it can be difficult to make a connection and is not user friendly

    AmpliFi has said they are working on improvements, but there has been very little progress in over a year

    Any updates @UBNT-Brett ???

  • @derek-saville I have a amplifi HD installed in the residence where I have the nvr, in my other residence in another city, I use the unifi system, I will have problem in using the teleport to have access to the nvr in the network amplifi?

  • Hi @wagner-valentim - you should have no problem at all using Teleport to access your nvr at the AmpliFi residence from the UniFi based residence - I do the same almost every day

    To set up the Teleport you will need to physically have it at the AmpliFi residence to pair it with your HD router
    After the Teleport is set up then you can take it to the UniFi residence and connect it to your UniFi network
    Once Teleport has internet access it will connect to your HD router over the internet and rebroadcast your AmpliFi network remotely
    You can then connect to your AmplFi network just as if you were actually there

    Your usage scenario is the one where Teleport actually works very well ☺

    Just know that your Teleport speeds will be limited by the upstream bandwidths at both networks
    So your nvr can only serve video remotely as fast as your AmpliFi network can upload to the internet
    And you can only send data to your nvr as fast as your UniFi network can upload to the internet

  • @wagner-valentim the two environments you described should work perfectly with AmpliFi. There are advanced configurations you may end up needing but we at support can help with this if the need arrises.
    One note to add to what @Derek-Saville mentioned. Currently Teleport's firmware is 2.7.3 and while the product is being worked on you will not see any updates past 2.7.3 for your Teleport device.

    You mentioned you are in Brazil, Teleport is only available for sale in the US and for that reason you will only find it with the type A connection.

  • @ubnt-brett no problem, I brought my amp there. Thank you for clarifying my doubts. I'm going to buy the teleport.

  • Hi @jayson-knight - I have not seen any change in the function of the Teleport device
    As @UBNT-Brett stated, it is still on an older revision of firmware from the main routers

    @Wagner-Valentim ‘s use case of going from an nvr upstream to a remote network is about as ideal as one can get as it is a single one way connection

    Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t mean to imply Teleport can achieve 100% of the upstream bandwidth - in reality it will be less, and may be much less

    I personally have seen some improvement due to changes at my ISP’s both at the home and remote networks

    One home location used to suffer from extreme buffer bloat and it just went away
    I was thinking they may have implemented DOCSIS-PIE
    (I tried replicating it at another home location using a bridged Edge Router running SQM between the modem and router with mixed results)

    Still hoping AmpliFi will bring some real improvements to Teleport itself

  • Hi @wagner-valentim - one other limitation of Teleport to note is that it only has one Ethernet port

    So at your remote UniFi network you will need to use at least one WiFi connection, for either WAN or LAN, it’s up to you

    You can also use two WiFi connections for both WAN and LAN, but the Teleport itself isn’t a very strong WiFi device

  • @ubnt-brett Does this mean the Teleport is being discontinued since no new firmware releases are planned?

  • @tony-chamberlain No it does not. It is just a new direction so the beta firmware doesn't fit that new vision and could cause issues when updating to the latest FW on AmpliFi.

  • @ubnt-brett any ETA on next updates? It starts to be really long... Can't wait for some improvements 🙂

  • @benoit-chesneau I do not have an updated ETA. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I will post on here as soon as we have an update. ☺

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