Arrange MeshPoints manually i.e. to force a MeshPoint to connect to another MeshPoint rather than to the router

  • I have the router (R) at one end of my house, a MeshPoint (M1) in the middle and another MeshPoint (M2) at the other end of the house.

    The problem I have is that M2 keeps trying to connect directly to R. When it does this, the app reports poor signal strength and M2 has one blue dot lit.

    If I turn M2 off and then on again, it first connects to M1 -- with excellent signal strength (five blue dots or whatever the max is).

    There is a noticeable performance drop when M2 connects to R (using Netflix on my iPad near M2) vs M2 connected to M1 (flawless).

    So I'd like to be able to arrange the router and MeshPoints manually using the app.

  • @michael-zdrowski The Meshpoint could be connecting back to the router because that is where the best performance is coming from. I explain the process in this post:

    You could be in a situation because of environmental interference that some adjustments for best performance could be needed. Please try performing speed tests ( right after rebooting the M2 while its connected to M1 and once again after it switches its connection back to R and share with us the results.

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