Teleport from Different Locations

  • I don't travel all that much, but it seems like every time I change locations and the network I'm connecting to changes I have to factory reset the Teleport and re-pair it to my home Amplifi. Last time I used the device was about a month ago at a hotel. I'm at my in-laws this weekend so I plugged into the ethernet off their Linksys and fired my teleport up. I've had it on for about 3 hours now and I can't ever see the SSID on it to get back in to setup. However I bet if I factory reset it and go through the setup process it will be fine.

    What could be causing this? I don't seem to remember this being an issue in the past.

  • Just to test this I did in fact default and re--pair. I'm now connected again to my home network but I have to do this everytime I change locations/networks it seems.

  • @brandon-shiers This old post may help and answer some questions about what you are experiencing:

    Everything is reliant on what status Teleport is in. Sometimes a quick reset on Teleport is needed to clear the network credentials, but if Teleport never lost the connection to the network (while the unit was still powered on) Then the next time Teleport is plugged in, it should look for that network and if it cannot be connected to it will prompt you to connect to a new network in range.

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