MeshPoint Ethernet Port

  • I would like to see the MeshPoint have an ethernet port. This would be perfect if a hot ethernet port is available. The MeshPoint could use ethernet, instead of wifi, as it's backhaul.

  • Why not use AmpliFi Instant Mesh System instead?

  • Why not use AmpliFi Instant Mesh System instead?

    If cost is a major consideration then it might be a good option

    But maybe they already have an HD Router and using an Instant Mesh System would require using the Instant Router as the primary router of the network

    An HD Router is superior to the Instant Router in many aspects

    Using a standalone Instant Router as a mesh point instead of a MeshPoint HD would work and provide an additional LAN port to the WAN backhaul port that @Jeremy-Webb asked for

    But some people also want to plug their mesh points directly into wall outlets instead of using power cords, and pulling an Ethernet cable right to a socket is pretty clean

    It's a little surprising they didn't just use the Teleport with its Ethernet jack on the bottom of the case as the basis for a mesh point product...just change the LEDs and logo on the front and update the firmware @UBNT-Brett ?

  • @derek-saville I believe that option was considered with original product design but the antenna is much larger and could not be contained in the smaller Teleport size.

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