What is the maximum upload speed?

  • I use the internet package from ISP, the package is 200/200 Mbps. So, when I test the speed it was around 200 Mbps for download but on upload it around 100 Mbps.
    Why I can't use the maximum upload speed of my internet package?
    How I fixed it?

  • @mongkol-meesuk,

    You'll probably read things about enabling "Hardware NAT" and some other things, but I don't believe this is necessary for 200mbps (I think once you hit ~500mbps is when you'll need to start doing that).

    A few questions & follow-ups:

    1. How are you testing this? Are you using the built-in speed test? If so, try a better test as this test has limitations and is most useful to see if you have a functional setup, not an optimal setup. If you use Ookla (speedtest.net), then be sure you test against different servers and not just the automatically-selected server. Google Fiber's speedtest is another good one to try (though it will sometimes hit you against a slow server as well).
    2. Is this over a wired connection or wireless connection? If wireless, try a wired connection. This helps you determine if the slowdown is on the internet side or on the wireless side. Both have two very different sets of avenues to pursue in order to speed things up for you.

    Get us answers to these and we can then help you more! I expect you'll be able to get the full 200/200 with this equipment, we just need to understand and help you understand what the bottleneck is! 🙂

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