Reliability, reliability, and reliability

  • Please, instead of adding features, first, make the Amplifi rock solid and stable. I got mine in June this year and since then, I had 3 issues and the last one is a major one where I lost connectivity from all my devices and it's being a pain in the butt to diagnose and fix. It's just unacceptable. I was really excited about a product made by a company with such reputation as Ubiquity but after I got it I'm really glad I didn't recommend it to any of my friends. I think the control and testing before releasing a new firmware update should be much more improved. That's my suggestion.

    Thank you

  • User error 😛

    Mine is rock solid 😄

  • Mine hasn't missed a byte yet, best AP ever!

  • @dennis-horn So because it's rock solid to you it is for everybody else and then the problem is me? Very useful comment.

    Then I suppose all the complains about iOS devices dropping connection randomly which many Apple owners suffered are because I did something wrong.

    Or the fact that with my ISP router I was able to reach 80/80Mbps with my iPhone without problem and now with the Amplifi I only reach 80/40Mbps standing beside the router is also my fault?

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