Ethernet Port not showing traffic and speed numbers.

  • I just purchased this device to test it and see if it was better than my Google Wifi. I like it with exception that i can not monitor traffic for Ethernet ports. It just shows 0 up and 0 down or NA depending on what screen you are on within the app. We have DSL internet with 25mb dl and 1.5mb ul. Monitoring our traffic is key to keeping the internet working right with DSL and slower service. Anytime the upload gets maxed the downloads cease to work. If we can not see what device is causing the issue we would be at mercy of whatever is using the internet and when it decides to quit doing whatever its doing. Please take a look at this please. The Google Wifi does not have an issue showing these stats. Thanks in advance.

  • @josh-rouse Thank you for your feedback! This is not a bug, that feature has not been implemented into the system yet. It has been requested before and I will add your voice to the list of feature requests for future consideration

  • @ubnt-brett Does this include prioritization of ethernet ports as well?

  • @josh-rouse Correct. Ethernet devices have prioritization over wireless devices by default, but you cannot declare which wired devices take priority over each other. That has been requested as well and is currently being discussed.

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