List of Feature Requests

  • I understand that the Amplifi line of products are designed to be entry level plug and play, and the more complex feature requests will never be added.

    But it has been over a year that I have seen people ask for reasonable bug fixes and feature requests that always have the following response.

    "Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future consideration."

    One of the few features that was added was the ability to save your router configuration, which should have been there at the release of the product.

    Is there really a List of Feature Requests?
    Lets see the list, shall we. I know a majority of the people on this community would be very interested to see this list.

  • The number of Feature Requests just keeps growing with ZERO results.
    I don't think Amplifi has the technical abilities or personal of Ubiquiti to resolve all the issues.
    This might be as good as this product gets people.

  • @stan-smola Thank you for sharing your concerns with future features being released.
    Unfortunately, we cannot share all of our future plans but I can assure you we are working hard on improving the product and listing to our customers feedback and suggestions. For example, one feature we are currently working on releasing its DHCP option 61. Others will follow soon and hopefully I can share a future roadmap with our community in the near future!

  • @stan-smola what else is growing is the attitude of entitlement and the lack of patience, what alot of people forget to realise is the unit it's mean to be plug and play, some of the features requested are outside of the scope of the Initial project which means that some of those features and more would be implemented in a second generation unit.

    Also with that being said we should be grateful that the devs even talk to us, you should see it on the Asus side of the fence the devs over there barely answer questions or offer much in the way support and you basically have to run a modified fork of the stock firmware to get some of the functions that people want and need.

    And on top of that programming is not an easy thing one line of code goes wrong due to a slight mistake and it can break alot of things, there is a major order of priority what is more important to do that others as in the things that are requested the most will get the most priority to be added and also bug fixes will be the top of the priority list, what is holding up the development is the people who claim that something has broken every time an update is relased and refuse to troubleshoot thier own network or the apple users who seem to have a different issue or the same issues every update but fail to understand that that need to file it as a bug report to apple also so they can check thier own code incase the issue is on their end.

    Complaining or acting entitled to having features you want added doesn't help or make the features appear faster up voting the ones you want in does, complaining wastes time that could be used to help someone with troubleshooting.

    Besides there are at least 10 features I want added that I know are listed but it will take time to implement.

  • @jayson-knight I believe it's down to having a smaller team working on the amplifi project as compared to the other products, I also believe that people are becoming more impatient and unreasonable, they forget the current hardware is marketed to a specific market and it's not it pro's or technicians or prosumers, it's meant for people who want a plug and play device, and I personally believe they should relase a device to cater to the requests of the more technically minded people he'll make an amplifi pro version or something that is loaded with everything that the more power users want out of a device, that would make me happy and I'd get one in a heartbeat of such a device existed.

    I do believe that people need to relax and just wait a little before getting upset that things they want are not being added at the rate they would like, it's not just a matter of communication or lack thereof it's also down to how can they go about implenting it within the limitations of the hardware it self without having to bring out a new device entirely.

  • Although you feel that I may have added this to the forum because I have an attitude of entitlement, or lack of patience, or I just want to complain about features that are outside the scope of this product, I actually have used the Amplifi kit for over a year with no problems.

    I never asked for features to be added because I use the system as intended. The only feature I patiently waited for was the ability to backup my router configuration.

    I joined the forum to learn more about any firmware updates and added features. What the forum has turned into is repetitive bug complaints and feature requests going back almost 2 years.

    If Amplifi support would just publish what things they are working on for future release, this forum would become more informative and less of a complaint department.

  • @stan-smola I shave to agree with you that they should have a roadmap visible to the end users here I do apologize for sounding extremely harsh, I guess I'm tired of reading people demanding things like fixes that are on the end of devices developers.

    The forums here have better communication that on the Asus ones I asked for a QoS feature and barely got any response.

    @UBNT-Brett is it possible that you could forward to the team that some sort of roadmap that would be visible to us end users,
    I think that people need something visual like a list of issue being worked on and features as well as one being of things that have been completed, it might help put people's minds at ease.

  • @edward-dolezal Thank you, thank you ,thank you. I say this having worked in a support capacity for a large computer manufacturer and also having friends at the time who worked for competitors. We all faced the same issue about customers wanting info about what's coming next and not being able to provide that info. Support people simply cannot give customers that info and risk losing their jobs if they do. Quite frankly, often they themselves do not know. Support and development teams, no matter how small, have different marching orders and often management structures. There have been instances of customers somehow getting access to future plans, purchasing products based on that info and when for some reason that feature(s) doesn't come-about, they sue the company. That is one reason future development plans are not made public. Having been on both sides of info the fence I understand the frustration of not getting the answers about future plans but for what in most instances turns out to be sound business reasons. It can only be done at new product announcements or when updates are officially released.

  • @james-earl-ford it's sadly what people don't understand they act like they should be given what ever they ask including fixes that only the device manufacturers can release.

    I work in aged care and see get alot of unreasonable request both from residents and families. So I know how it feels.

    I'm just tired of people expecting the world of a product that it's not intended for, yet they buy it and complain that I doesn't have features they expect, if you want said features get a unit that has them or just wait, but like I said before they need to relase some sort of quad core version with 4gb ram and an add all the requested features.

  • If AmpliFi doesn’t want to receive constantly repeated impatient feature requests they should remove the “Suggestions” section of the forum and never create threads like Call For Feature Requests #1

    AmpliFi was not shy about marketing their connection to UBNT at launch either
    So they were always going to face false impressions and expectations of the product line

    And I would say the support engineers like @UBNT-Brett deal with it quite well on this forum

  • @derek-saville sadly I think it's more that people can't or don't read first then expect, and forgot it's a first generation unit there will be more in future.

    I think all the requests are going to be implemented it will just take time and I do believe the team is too small it needs to be bigger.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - I hope you are right, but I personally expect very few or none of the feature enhancement requests to be implemented on the current HD generation products

    There just isn’t any financial incentive to do so

    Even if the hardware is capable, for a feature like Smart Queuing / some form of WAN QoS, they chose to implement it only on a new SKU Gamers Edition

    So while they may fix bugs like DHCP Option 61 or IGMP Proxy in PPPoE mode, I don’t expect any unnecessary enhancements that they can’t charge for with “new” hardware

    Even HW NAT was just as much a bug fix to get closer to gigabit speeds as an enhancement

  • @derek-saville to get gigabit speeds we need faster CPUs even on the Asus side of things people are having issues with reaching speeds that high with Thier hardware acceleration.

    Probably only Thier quad core units which are extremely new can get close because they are 64 os and cpu.

    It's more financially viable as an option for amplifi to release a higher end model to he able to cater to many peoples requests and it makes sense.

    I do feel everyones frustration though, bec I want to be able to turn wifif off but that is not a thing yet and I'd love to see a media bridge mode just like my Asus router has and that hasn't been added also I'd like to see an option for A-MPDU but I'll have to wait for that too I know if feels like we are waiting forever.

    But on the other hand I know it's hard to write code and how long it takes to implement and test code that ads new things.

  • @edward-dolezal In one of my previous IT jobs I was the IT Manager/IT Support for a company providing services to Disabled people, so I have experienced what you currently experiencing.

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