Setting up new home, looking for help.

  • Hi, I'm in the process of setting up my network in a new home and looking for some help before I dive in. I have AT&T Fiber 1000 internet with a BGW210-700 Modem currently set up.

    I was reading some nightmares about IP passthrough setup with AT&T modems.. I do a little networking with my job but I am a little uneducated when it comes to setting up Passthroughs, bridge modes, etc.

    I purchased the Amplifi HD Gamers edition based on the fact that my job in security installs uses all ubiquiti products and I knew the Amplifi line could be trusted.
    After reading online I just see mixed explanations and I was hoping someone could help me with initial setup of the Amplifi router so I don't mess something up. It seems when using a modem and running with passthrough; setup is a bit different than what the instructions in the box tell you.

    I plan on doing this setup tomorrow afternoon/evening if I could get some insight that would be great. Thank you Amplifi Community in advance!

    P.S. I game and we use streaming platforms such as Youtube TV, Netflix in the house. I went with the Gamers edition in hopes of getting better latency numbers. If there are any settings that need to be changed in advance or any notes/tips anyone might have on best settings for this subject that would be great as well.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • @brayden-reed During my career with AmpliFi support, I have always faced this issue with AT&T and AmpliFi. As of right now, the best solution is to place the AmpliFi Gamer's Edition into bridge mode. With that being said, some users have found success using the IP Passthrough mode in conjunction with AmpliFi, but since it is not a full bridged setting some conflicts may occur depending on what services you have through AT&T.

    My suggestion if you have the time and patients would be to test multiple configuration types and test performance to really get the best network possible. I hope that other AT&T users will chime in as well because I do not know everything about the AT&T devices and configuration (Not available in my area).

    We can use this tread to report all changes and status throughout your experience to hopefully provide a detailed account of the process for future use as well.

    Glad to offer any assistance through your setup!

  • @brayden-reed As @UBNT-Brett said, this is sometimes a problem due to the awkward ISP requirements. I would highly advise that you buy your AmpliFi system in a way that you can easily return it if necessary.

    A couple thoughts:

    1. If you can get it setup without putting AmpliFi into bridge mode, that would be best! You lose MANY advanced AmpliFi features if you have to put your router into Bridge mode. That said, the mesh networking still works well in this mode but you lose things like a guest network and some other things.
    2. If you care about latency and are gaming over WiFi, you might be better served buying 2x AmpliFi routers so you can have an ethernet backhaul on the second unit. This removes the second wireless hop, which can have impacts on latency. We're talking pretty minimal but if your gigabit connection is being pushed, it might matter. Just something to consider if your gaming machine is connecting wirelessly to a mesh unit. The Gamer's edition might be best if you if your gaming machine is connected via internet or wirelessly to the router and not to a mesh unit. (All that said, I greatly prefer the Gamer's edition's aesthetics and am a little sad I don't have that edition!)

  • I, too, have a similar setup (AmpliFi HD) and it works perfectly.

    The Arris BGW210-700 modem is configured as follows:

    Device -> System Information

    • Software Version : 1.8.18

    Firewall -> IP Passthrough

    • Allocation Mode : Passthrough
    • Default Server Internal Address : [empty]
    • Passthrough Mode : DHCPS-fixed
    • Passthrough Fixed MAC Address : Choose from list : [MAC address of AmpliFi]
    • Passthrough DHCP Lease : 0:0:10:0 (10 minutes)

    The AmpliFi HD is configured as follows:

    Router Information

    • Version : 2.9.5

    Router Internet Settings

    • Hardware NAT : enabled
    • UPNP : enabled
    • Bridge Mode : disabled

    Good luck!

  • @mark-miller Hey Mark, appreciate you letting me know your configuration. I used the exact same settings and everything is working properly

  • @ubnt-brett Thank you Brett, I was able to use Mark's configuration below and it seems to be working properly. AT&T is just rough.. I couldn't even watch twitch streams on my PC on the modem connection. Now that amplifi is setup I haven't had a buffering issue once. I am very pleased!

  • @shane-milton Hey Shane yeah my gaming pc is actually connected straight to the router now. although when I was just on the ATT modem it was connected straight to that and STILL had buffering issues on streams.. I wanted the amplifi with the mesh points for phones and laptops, and then like you said, the aesthetic is so pleasing. Thanks for the help.

    Amplifi has seemed to solve my issues so far!

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