DHCP option 61

  • Hi there

    I use Sky fibre in the UK,

    They require a login via DHCP with a client identifier string known as option 61.

    DrayTek, Billion, Netgear and a few other companies have added this feature to their devices.

    I’m really interested in purchasing the Amplifi HD, but without the ability to connect via Option 61 it’s not going to be possible,

    Is this something that you are planning to added to a future firmware update?

    Is it already on your roadmap?


  • I purchased Amplifi after seeing some user reviews refering to this working with Sky. Looks like they were talking about older Sky methods. The current method for option 61 is unsupported. Guess i'll be sending it back if nothing is going to change 😞

  • @Scuzzy-Mac, @james-morgan thank you for your suggestion! Currently, this feature is marked as a feature request and being considered but there is no ETA nor guarantee it will be implemented. Please check future firmware release notes for updates.

  • @ubnt-brett Sky have 6 million broadband customers in the UK. There isn’t an all in one mesh system with a router that supports option 61 at the moment so it would be hugely beneficial to have this feature. There are many routers available but no mesh router. I’m currently begrudgingly in bridge mode and I’m losing out on all the benefits and fun features you provide.

  • @james-morgan We have included DHCP 61 in our future plans and will be including that in a future firmware release. Please check back when I post firmware release notes for an update!

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