IPv4 configuration error?

  • Hello - recently I have been getting a random IPv4 configuration error (see attached). It comes on for a few seconds/minute and then fixes itself. My Amplifi is in bridge mode (ATT U-Verse) and I have two other Amplifi routers in mesh point mode. Firmware is 2.9.5 but I noticed the same error this morning when the units were on 2.9.3.

    Any clue as to what might be happening? My ATT gateway seems to be working fine (the DNS address is the ATT gateway). Network is working but it does appear to be a bit slower than normal.


  • I’m having the same issue, and it seems to be happening more often in the last few days. I’ve had my AMPLIFI for over a year and never had this issue. The latest ‘diagnose’ screen shows a green check next to the ‘WAN’ line, with all others containing red x’s. Any suggestions?

    Most times the router just seems to fix itself. But lately it’s happening more frequently and this time it hasn’t fixed itself.

  • @john-dougherty The errors you described happen frequently in double NAT situations and/or situations where the modem is failing. Do you have a modem router combo from your ISP that needs to have bridge mode enabled? Some ISP's don't give you the ability to place their devices into bridge mode. If thats the case we would want to enable bridge mode on AmpliFi.

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