Amplifi HD has dropped devices and won't reconnect

  • I have been using my Amplifi HD and two satellite units in router mode, connected to a Virgin Hub 3 in modem mode, since late last year. I've never been entirely happy with the performance, despite the setup telling me it has a great connection, but everything has been working more or less. Since January, however, two of my devices have dropped their connection and will not properly reconnect.

    One is a Playstation 4, which has been set up wirelessly and says it gets an IP address but will then not connect to the internet, and the other is an Apple HomePod which was connected to my son's iPhone but will now not reconnect at all (it doesn't seem to recognise that the phone is on the same network as it is trying to connect to).

    We have three PS4 devices in our house, two of which are upstairs in kids bedrooms and work fine over WiFi. The other is in our family room, directly through a partition wall from the main HD unit. This is the device that won't properly connect (although it did previously). If I connect a cable between the HD unit and the PS4 I have no problems. If I remove the HD unit and go back to using the Virgin Hub as a router then I have no problems. I only get an issue when trying to connect to the HD unit over Wifi.

    The Apple HomePod works in the same way, connecting if I go directly via the Virgin Hub in router mode but not via the HD unit in router mode. I have tried every iPhone in our house to check it is not just my son's device and we have the same issue on all of them, despite all of them being connected to the HD unit and working properly.

    The HD unit and all satellites have the latest firmware and have shown these issues across at least two firmware versions. Given that I bought the Amplifi to give us complete coverage throughout the house over wifi, and cannot realistically connect the PS4 via a cable all the time, this is a big problem and I could use some help. While I'm not entirely happy with the overall performance provided by the devices, everything else throughout the house at least maintains a connection. Have you guys seen anything similar and can you think of any ways to solve these issues?

  • Tumbleweed...

  • @derek-harley I have a few thoughts/questions/things to try (I've ordered them from simplest to most complex, so start at the top and go in order):

    1. Is it possible that you have paused the internet on these devices from within the AmpliFi app? Go check/verify that you didn't accidentally bump the pause button when looking at these devices.
    2. Have had these devices clear and reconfigure their WiFi settings? I've had a couple clients (out of ~50) have a similar issue and I had to do this once, although that was a few months ago. I just assumed the clients were doing some non-standard things that they shouldn't do.
    3. Do these have any IP conflicts with other devices? If so, fix that.
    4. Try setting a static lease for a new IP for these devices and then reboot the clients (PS4 & HomePod). This is somewhat related to the previous point but takes a different angle at it.
    5. Create an "Additional SSID" and just use 2.4GHz and try having these devices connect to this new SSID.
    6. Disable some of the advanced settings (r/k/v, band steering, router steering, etc.) in case one of these are conflicting with these clients.

    Let us know what you find from these steps. Good luck! 🙂

  • @derek-harley After attempting the fixes @Shane-Milton advised, please generate support files for me to analyze and see whats happening.

  • @shane-milton Thanks, I'll run through your suggestions and see how it goes.

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