Bridge mode not working

  • I recently purchased a AMPLIFI hd router and mesh points and whenever I try to turn on bridge mode it breaks. When turning it on bridge mode I am unable to connect to the WiFi and the router says that there is no internet connection. I have tried rebooting the system and doing it again with the same problem. Any way to fix this?

    I am also expirencing slow speeds of 90/70 while I pay for 1000/100.

    Thanks, Connor

    Firmware 2.9.5

  • Hi @connor-blumenthal - what hardware are you using upstream from the AmpliFi HD router?
    Is it a modem or modem + router?
    Cable or fiber?

    Is everything working properly when you are NOT in bridge mode?
    If yes, what is the Internet configuration (Static / DHCP / PPPoE)?

    If you plug another client (i.e. PC or laptop) into the upstream hardware Ethernet port, does it obtain an IP address and access the internet?

  • @connor-blumenthal All of @Derek-Saville's suggestions/questions are very important to answer. Two additional questions to answer:

    1. When you're doing your 90/70 speedtests, how are you doing these tests? Is this over WiFi, Ethernet, or the built-into-the-router speedtest tool?
    2. When not in bridge mode, what happens if you enabled the "Hardware NAT" setting? Does this improve your throughput to what you're wanting/expecting?

  • @shane-milton I was getting the 90/70 while using the tester built into the app. I am not currently at my house but I have a feeling that my cable provider is at fault and not the WiFi. Once I get back there I am going to test the Ethernet directly into my computer and see what results I get.

  • Hi @connor-blumenthal - the speed test built into the app is known to be highly inaccurate and unreliable (with the exception being the Gamers Edition router that use nVidia servers)

    Many people suggest using or dslreports
    Your ISP may also have a speed test that can give you an idea of your connection speed (often inflated) within their network to their servers
    Even run by Netflix is in general better than the app, but results still vary over time in my experience

  • @derek-saville said in Bridge mode not working:

    Hi @connor-blumenthal - the speed test built into the app is known to be highly inaccurate and unreliable

    500% agreed!

    @Connor-Blumenthal When you do the speedtest, as Derek said, use a different speedtest. I generally recommend using and making absolutely sure what server you test against is noted so you can reliably test against that same server for easy before/after comparisons. Google Fiber also has a pretty good speedtest site (well, it's good on ~90% of tests but around 10% of runs you get a slow server or something and you just have to weed those bad tests out).

  • Alright I tested the speed on and got 59.3/33.4 when using the Hardware NAT. Tomorrow I’ll connect my computer and see what speed I get as well.

  • Alright I tested the network speeds and got 100mb/s directly from the wall, going to have to call the cable company it seems, hopefully this will fix the speeds.

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