Freezing if connected to a switch.

  • Hi. Yesterday finally I received my first AmpliFi HD, and I spent the evening trying the right configuration.

    Everything works great, except for one BIG problem: if I connect my 8-port Netgear switch to an AmpliFi LAN port, the router stops responding.

    It freezes, and I can only recover its functionality disconnecting the switch.

    I’ve used the switch for over a year with no problems at all, so what can it be? I need additional LAN ports, so I really need a solution.

  • @francesco-mion Have you tried other ethernet cables? I've seen networking equipment behave this way with some bad cables in the past. Sometime, ask me about a story when I was in college and the campus network went down for 3 days before somebody finally came into our dorm room and cut a roommate's ethernet cable into many tiny pieces.

  • @francesco-mion Is it a managed switch? If yes, then it might start it's own DHCP and spread IP's which can affect the main router.

  • Hi guys!

    First of all, thank you so much for your fast answers. 🙂

    The problem was pretty easy to solve, but difficult to imagine for me.

    You were right: the problem was the cable.

    A damned CAT 7 cable, too hard to manage and so probably damaged using it.

    So, thank you so much.

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