Streaming QoS seems broken

  • I have a Roku TV and a Roku 3 that I have both set to streaming priority. The Roku 3 doesn't seem to cause the network much of a problem, but when the wife retires to the bedroom and turns on the Roku TV and starts streaming Netflix, the rest of the network dies until I can turn of streaming QoS on that device. From my laptop, I'll see dropped pings to the gateway, and others reaching over 1000ms. The GHome Hub will report a dropped connection, and it will take me multiple tries to even connect to the router via the app on my phone. I believe I initially set QoS for a reason (streaming was seeing some lag a long time ago or something), but one TV taking out the whole network seems like something isn't working right. I'm going to try just leaving it disabled for awhile at this point.

    Granted, QoS you would hope would give preference to streaming traffic, sure, but not to the point of killing the rest of the network, right?

  • @frank-even When the Roku TV is streaming is the Roku 3 turned off? Please let me know the results after you have disabled QoS on the TV. What is your up/down currently?

  • @Frank-Even I've been looking into this a bit and if you haven't gotten this resolved and are willing to try... if you instead used the Amplifi Gaming edition (black version) it has the option for a LATENCY mode. What this does is, ensures that no one device can saturate the pipe allowing for all traffic to flow smoothly. So it may slow down a big download, but it will at least ensure there are no packet drops on your network.

  • @lightisbeauty so it's been awhile. Things seemed to have ironed out only having one Roku device declared a media device and turning off media QoS on the bedroom TV. My latest issue now seems to be a wonky mesh point that I have to constantly reboot or unplug to get stable service. Not interested in buying the gaming edition. At this point I will probably migrate to another brand device if I have to swap it out. I've been using GWiFi elsewhere to much success. Quite stable.

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