Mesh Point doesn't find the 5Ghz network

  • It's a strange problem. Mesh Point doesn't find the 5Ghz network of my FastGate modem. My iphone tablet can....
    Mesh Point find the 5Ghz network of another Asus router.
    I try to configure FastGate in different way: unique SSID, 2 differente SSID (for 2,4 and 5 Ghz), different wifi channels, short SSID name and so on......but the problem remains.
    I think wifi is a standard and I don't understand this incompatibility.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  • Hi @mick-layne - are you in a dense WiFi environment with many 5GHz SSID’s?

    What channel width are you using on the router?

    I experienced this issue often using MeshPoint HD’s with 3rd party routers in congested areas (apartment complex).

    Eventually I could find a manual channel configuration that would work, but WiFi is dynamic and the environment might change

    Eventually I abandoned the MeshPoints and transitioned to HD Routers in Bridge mode for more reliable access

    I still have intermittent issues with Teleport not seeing 5GHz SSID’s on certain channels when all other client devices connect no problem, so it is an ongoing issue for AmpliFi

  • Hi Derek, thank you for the reply.
    No there's only one 5 Ghz SSID: my Asus Router that I'd like to replace with FASTGate (router of my italian ISP: Fastweb).
    There are many 2,4Ghz SSID wlan (about 10) instead.
    If I can't solve the problem, I believe I will buy Amplifi HD router to replace Asus and I will continue to use FASTGate as a modem only.

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