UniFi Gateway and Switch with Amplify HD Question

  • Hey all,

    I am new to this stuff so please talk to me like an extreme newb if you're to help lol. I really need baby level speak here but I'm getting there!

    Anyway, I just bought a new home and I started getting into creating a server room for managing traffic and setting up a proper network. It took a while to get the USG, switch and everything else connected correctly with FIOS but I got everything up and running perfectly. Then, at one of the keystones patched into the switch, I installed Google Mesh WiFi. However, I did not realize this would cause a double NAT situation (mostly because I had no idea what double NAT was) where everything now connected to the Google Mesh WiFi points such as TVs, laptops and phones will not be able to see what is hard-wired to the network despite the hub being connected to one of the ports on the switch (through the keystone in my kitchen). That means that my NAS with Plex which is connected to the switch in the server room is not showing on my network when I access Plex from a TV etc.

    From my understanding, this is because Google Mesh cannot be put in bridge mode. Others recommended since the mesh coverage is great, to go with the Amplify HD. I am prepared to buy that and set it up but my question is this:

    Am I still able to connect the Amplify it to the keystone in the kitchen? From my understanding, that means I would have to run the Amplify in bridge mode, correct? If I do so, is it okay if I connect it to a port on the switch through the keystone or will I have to run it from my USG to the Amplify and then the LAN out from the Amplify to the switch? I don't believe that's necessary but that's my question essentially.

    Excuse me for such a newb question. This is a whole new world and I don't mind making mistakes if it means I'm learning.

    Thanks again

  • @randall-donadio The AmpliFi HD would work with this setup, I believe the setup would go FIOS>USG>Switch>Keystone>AmpliFi. You will need to place the AmpliFi in bridge mode to connect to the rest of your network and eliminate double NAT.

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