Used to be able to monitor when away from home

  • The app was able to connect to my Amplifi when away from home. Something has changed a month or so ago as I am no longer able to do so. This feature was very useful since I was able to deal with issues when someone from home had a problem.

    Android 9.0
    Amplifi v 1.9.0

  • Be sure you're on your primary network, open up the AmpliFi app, click the hamburger menu in the top-left corner, make sure you have a social account added for remote administration, and then click on the "Remote Access" item in that menu and it should tell you more about your Remote Access setup. Mine says: "Your AmpliFi device has remote access enabled". If you have performed a factory reset on your device at any point, this might have been reset and you forgot to re-enable it. I don't think this is stored with a settings backup/restore.

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