VLAN tagging

  • Hi folks!

    I know I'm not the first with this subject, but as it is really needed in (for example) European countries, I will bounce this once again.

    For example: the cable connected to the WAN port contains two VLAN's. Let's call them VLAN 1 for internet and VLAN 2 for TV.
    With the current setup, I can tell the router to get internet from VLAN 1, which works great. But as a result, it's impossible to use TV at all.

    Most easy fix for this: make a second option, which looks like the first, and make it possible to assign VLAN 2 to port 4. No need to configure the port number, a hardcoded option for port 4 is good enough. On this way, you create the required option for all the fiber users in Europe.

    I use the Amplifi in bridge mode now, but that kills almost all of the great features, which prevent me from promoting this product to friends / family. Yeah, my WiFi network works great now, but there are cheaper solutions that do just that too.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, I will add it to the feature request list for developers to consider.

  • This is the type of issue I'm having in the UK.
    The Amplifi needs to be in PPPoE mode for my fibre connection but this mode stops IPTV from working. Placed behind my existing router with Amplifi in bridge mode, it all works.

    All that's required is in PPPoE mode the IPTV packets are allowed through, with IGMP proxy/snooping/fast leave enabled you can connect your IPTV box to any port and it won't flood the network.


  • @UI-JT has the feature been enabled? I'm looking at buying the Alien
    I need 2 VLAN as my ISP requires separate VLAN for the internet & IPTV

    PS: The VLAN IDs is 3 digits. Have to mention that as I understand some routers only allows 2 digit VLAN ID

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