Amplifi HD as an access point

  • I like to setup my Amplifi HD as an access point to communicate between my wireless router

    • How can I setup this to work with my router? (different brand)

    • Can I use the same SSID and password as my other router?

    • Any other settings?


  • @j-j Placing AmpliFi into bridge mode will disable DHCP functions and allow you to use it with a 3rd party router. Bridge mode usually can be enabled on most routers so if you didn't want to lose some of the features AmpliFi has, you may be able to place your 3rd party router into bridge mode. And yes, they can share the same SSID and password.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - so by setting an HD Router to bridge mode you can have it wirelessly join and become a mesh point for a 3rd party router's WiFi network the same way a MeshPoint HD can be used with a 3rd party router?

    I thought bridge mode still required an Ethernet connection to the WAN port on the HD from a main router, but maybe I misunderstood @J-J 's question

  • @ubnt-brett
    Do I need to connect Amplifi HD thru Ethernet or can this be done wireless. How this is to be connected?

  • @j-j I misunderstood the question, my apologies. If you only have wireless access to your network then you will need to use the AmpliFi MeshPoint HD (AFI-P-HD). The AmpliFi router (AFI-R) will require an ethernet connection to configure in the manner I described above.

  • Hi Team,
    If I put the Amplifi into the bridge mode what functionality will still be working?
    Will it display the current network speed and have a guest wifi policies?
    Or will become just a simple access point?

  • @sashajpr said in Amplifi HD as an access point:

    If I put the Amplifi into the bridge mode what functionality will still be working?

    This article reviews the features that are disabled when using AmpliFi in Bridge Mode

    Guest WiFi is still available when AmpliFi is in Bridge Mode, and current network usage statistics will still be displayed on the LCD screen and in the mobile app.

  • Nice, thank you!

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