2.9.5 Wifi failures

  • Since upgrading to 2.9.5, the wireless networks have stopped functioning during the middle of the night without apparent cause. In both cases, one or two devices remain connected to the network and can use everything normally, but every other device is disconnected and unable to re-join. I get authentication errors (wrong password) if I try to manually rejoin the network. The mesh points are disconnected as well. Upon rebooting the router everything recovers immediately, and the authentication failures stop as well. This never happened during two years or so of operation until the 2.9.5 update.

  • @dean-ellis try a factory reset to see if that helps I've had one Mesh point bug out before and a factory reset fixed it and that was on am old beta firmware.

  • Yeah, i've had issues with a few devices (Android and iOS) connecting since 2.9.5 that i've never had issues with previously. When i have time i'll try a Factory Reset, but it is interesting that we've both encountered this on the same version.

  • @adam-mitchell I experienced it on a way older firmware version 2.9.5 has been pretty good for me minus mesh point based msdu.

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