Port Forwarding periodically stops working

  • Running a Plex server on a static private IP on my network. I have a port forwarding rule set up on the router, forwarding 32400 to 32400 on my Plex box. Periodically and inconsistently, the forwarding rule stops working and Plex forces remote clients to relay, since the port forwarding isn't working. As near as I can tell, the port forwarding rule stops working on the router. Rebooting the router clears the issue and everything goes back to normal.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? Router is at latest firmware.

  • @carmine-granucci I have not seen any issues like this reported before. If you can generate support files right when your remote clients fail to connect and the port forwarding isn't working we can research on our end and see whats going on.

  • @ubnt-brett Will do. I just did it this morning and my router had an uptime of 25 days. But before it was probably a week to two. Like I said, it hasn’t been consistent and not sure what’s triggering it.

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