WLAN port disconnects for 1-3 seconds

  • Starting a few weeks ago, the Amplifi will flash "cable disconnected" on the screen for a few seconds, and then go back to normal. The behavior seems to happen at random. I've replaced the cable twice with no effect, and I confirmed all the network ports are secure and in good condition.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

  • @dave-sheranko How often does this happen? If it is frequent enough, you can test the physical WAN port for failure by connecting an ethernet cable from LAN 1 on AmpliFi to the AmpliFi WAN port. After connecting the ethernet cable, launch the AmpliFi app and select the Diagnose tab. If the WAN stays ✔ then hardware is fine. Another way to watch it by monitoring the LCD screen. It should say no IP address once you have connected the ethernet cable, but if it ever changes to "Cable Disconnected" or "Plug in Cable" then the WAN port could be the failure.

    Obviously this test only works if it happens very frequently or unless you are ok monitoring the network for an extended period of time, so let me know if its far to random and far between and we can discuss other alternatives.

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