"No internet connection" message on mesh router when increase the bandwidth load

  • Hi.

    I have a Instant mesh system as principal setup, the instant router are connected to the internet service provider at the first floor, and the mesh at the second floor... I added a Amplifi mesh router at the second floor as mesh point.

    0_1554769530119_Screenshot from 2019-04-08 20-25-11.png


    I have a Desktop PC connected to the amplifi router (the yellow one on illustration) via ethernet cable and the rest of devices connected to the wifi with the same SSID.

    The problems is when the desktop pc or any wifi device connected to the Amplifi mesh router (the yellow box) start to download any big file that require a lot of bandwidth, the mesh router show the message "no internet connection" and slow down the speed of internet of any device connected to the router... Its like the router is stress up with the heavy traffic.

    Any idea that could be happening?


  • @marco-nuñez firstly which firmware version are you running and have you enabled msdu and hardware Nat.

  • @marco-nuñez This is a strange behavior I have not seen before. It sounds to me like there just isn't enough bandwidth to handle a larger download at the 2-hop router. Can you attempt to download a larger file, after the router drops and give you the "No internet connection" error, wait for it to reconnect and generate a support file so we can analyze and see what exactly is happening.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @Edward-Dolezal, I have the 2.9.5.

    @UBNT-Brett here the support file..

    0_1555111954885_[a0_df_33] Información de soporte

    I tried a lot to replicate the issue and I just found that the case is 100% replicable configuring any wifi device connected to the mesh router with the gamming profile...

    I'm very sad because now the problem is whorse, now the desktop pc can't reach a bandwidth over 10 mbps, before, I was able to reach a max speed of 100 mbps from the desktop or any device connected to wifi throuth the mesh router.

  • @marco-nuñez Your support file could not be read, can you please use the application to generate the support file and it will send it directly to us. Reference this community post in the body of the email.

  • I have this exact same problem. Was there a solution to this?

    I am on the Amplifi HD, running the main unit at the incoming fibre line which then meshes with a meshpoint and another Amplifi HD unit which my PC is plugged into.

    It used to work 100% and then a month or so ago this started. I can't recall exactly if there was a firmware update around that time.

    All 3 units are on 3.1.0

  • @marius-kemp few questions:
    Are you experiencing this issue constantly(any network usage) or only with larger downloads?
    Are all 3 of your units displaying "No internet connection"?
    Do you still have normal internet function when this message is displayed?
    Do you have a modem from your ISP or a modem/router combo?

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