Using Mutiple Meshpoints with Slow Internet Speed

  • Good Morning,

    I'm tasked with setting up wifi up in the north woods. Unfortunately the internet speed is only about 10mbps. If I hardwire the AmplifiHD and then use two Wireless Mesh points as "hops" to get the wifi where I need it, will it degrade the signal to the point of 1-2mbps or will that only affect the maximum throughput of the meshpoint capabilities?

  • @ryan-brandt It is hard to determine exactly what your mbps will be at the end of the hops. If you chain the devices in this order: AmpliFi > Meshpoint 1 > Meshpoint 2 then you will see a greater loss over placing the AmpliFi router in the most central location. If you maintain ~90% or higher for the connection strength, on average you will see about 15% signal degradation.

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