Questions about Amplifi HD and wireless keyboard

  • Hello,

    I'm new here and I hope I'm posting this in the right section of th forum.

    I would like to hear about your experience about possible issues between Amplifi HD wireless router and wireless keyboard and mouse.

    I'm currently considering to purchase an Amplifi HD wireless router, because the router I received from my ISP is giving me problems with my MS Sculpt Desktop. I'm forced to disable wifi in router otherwise my keyboard and mouse work don't work properly. I'm considering to purchase an Amplifi HD wireless router and connect it to my ISP router using Ethernet cable and use it for wifi.

    What is your experience with Amplifi HD and wireless keyboard? I don't want to buy another router just to have to deal with the same problem?

  • I use a Logitech K750 Bluetooth keyboard and an Apple Magic Trackpad with the Amplifi HD I purchased about a year and have not experienced any problems.

  • @franc-kmet For what its worth, I have never had a support ticket in relation to a keyboard/mouse having issues next to AmpliFi. I know bluetooth utilized the 2.4 band but in very small, quick bursts (1 MHz wide channels) to help alleviate any possible interference.

  • MS Sculpt Desktop does not use Bluetooth. It is wireless but not Bluetooth. I never had problems with my older router Linksys E2000, but now when wifi is on, I experience lag when using the keyboard and mouse and sometimes (on average once a day) it stops responding. When this happens I have to remove and reinsert the usb receiver and then I can continue to work on the computer.

  • @franc-kmet I just looked up what I use and its the LOGITECH® WIRELESS WAVE COMBO MK550
    It communicates through a 2.4 wireless signal as well and I currently have 3 AmpliFi devices on the same desk for testing purposes. I have never had any disconnections for well over a year. The USB receiver is roughly 10" away from one of the routers. Again, not the same but similar to where I hope this information helps.

  • Thanks for you information, UBNT-Brett. That's more or less like my current set up. I have the USB receiver connected to my monitor (USB3 port) and the ISP router is about 50 cm (20 inches) away from the monitor.

    I also have another question: Can AmpliFi HD be managed from the desktop computer connected to the same ISP router like AmpliFi via browser like other routers instead of using an app. I'm not really an app fan. See my picture.


  • @franc-kmet The WebUI does not contain all settings, the product is designed primarily around the app and only necessary/advanced settings in the UI.

    If your AmpliFi router is in bridge mode in the configuration you described above, you should be able to access the WebUI using the IP address of the AmpliFi router (I believe the http://amplifi.lan will not work)

  • Try changing the 2.4ghz wifif channels my mk50 Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo seem to be fine with WiFi I think they use a different channel though.

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