Connecting two mesh routers to each other

  • For my setup, I have one mesh router, and it pretty much blankets my entire apartment. On the roof however, I get spotty connection and I would like to add another router to boost the connection. If i'm only getting roughly a 30% strength, is this even feasible? I don't want to buy another router just to have it not work.

  • @kelvin-shek It is feasible, I would recommend placing the second router between the primary router and the area of spotty coverage, not in the area of spotty coverage. This will help you get a better signal strength to the RAMP (Router as a Mesh Point) and fully cover the roof.

  • Unfortunately, the only thing between the area with spotty coverage, and the primary router is the ceiling (i live on the top floor).

  • @kelvin-shek Ah, that will pose a location problem, plus the materials of a roof will be thicker than a normal floor to pass through. In your situation I would test different locations with your primary AmpliFi (If possible) and test for connecting strength and throughput from different locations with the second AmpliFi from the roof.

  • There's really only one spot I can put the second amplifi router, because its covered, but i was testing with my phone yesterday and while I do get a signal in certain spots it cuts in and out, Im thinking thats because of the roof material and what not. Would it then make more sense to get a meshpoint and plug that in near a window?

  • @kelvin-shek A second AmpliFi router will provide better performance than a Meshpoint will. If I understand you correctly you already have purchased the second AmpliFi router and added it to your network? Placing this in the window location you described should answer your question on if a Meshpoint in that location will help on the roof. The only way to get around a wireless hop through such a thick material would be creating a wired connection point on the roof.

    If you have power on the roof and the entire place is on the same breaker, a Power line Ethernet adapter is an option. Then you could give the second AmpliFi router a hardwired connection and enable Ethernet Backhaul

  • @kelvin-shek I currently use a second router as a Mesh point in my set-up.
    If you need help just pm me.

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