Eithernet back haul?

  • How much of a preformace difference does eithernet back haul make in regards to preformace of the units just wondering?

    Anis it even worth using or is it only benifcal if you have lots of devices running at the same time.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - wired Ethernet backhaul increases available bandwidth and lowers latency at the mesh point, and decreases the wireless load on the main router

    If your clients (both wired & wireless) can benefit from this, then it is worth implementing

    Your client load may not notice a difference if you have a strong wireless backhaul connection and your applications are not latency sensitive

    I personally notice the difference most with video streaming on devices like an AppleTV or WiFi based TV boxes

    If you are satisfied with your current mesh, there is no need to implement Ethernet backhaul just for the sake of it

    But in many locations where video streaming is involved, I would not be using an AmpliFi mesh network without it

  • I suppose in my case I don't currently see an need for it at the moment.

    And thank you very much.

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