MacBook Pro not connecting to the closest Mesh Point

  • Has anyone seen the same behaviour of some devices (iOS) automatically connecting to the nearest Mesh Point while other devices (MBP) would NOT connect to it even if it is just 10 cm (4 inch) away (right next to it - both devices on the same desk) but to another Mesh Point that is further away (upper floor / different room, two walls in between)?

    I tried rebooting both devices etc. - nothing helps.

  • @josef-holub The device will not just connect to the closest device, but which connection is going to give it the greatest throughput. Its this way because you will see a loss in performance when connecting to a mesh point over the primary router (unless the mesh point is a second AFI-R and configured through ethernet backhaul).

    If you have an additional SSID configured, those only broadcast from the network location selected. So if you have created an additional SSID from the primary router but your MBP device only knows that connection it would not roam.

    Try disconnecting and forgetting the network on your MBP device and connecting with your credentials. Let's see what point it connect to after that.

    If your MBP uses a 3x3 antenna vs your iOS using a 1x1 antenna, then it may find better performance from the primary router even at that distance.

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