HD Gamers Edition?

  • Hi, I’m after some advice, I have a BT Infinity FTTC connection in the UK currently.
    My sync speed is around 80 down and 20 up, I currently use Google WiFi 2 puck system and a Draytek Vigor 130 VDSL modem.

    I use it all on auto config, I also have and have tested an old Openreach Huawei unlocked VDSL modem.

    I have been playing games on my Nvidia Shield TV second gen over the GeForce Now streaming service since the beginning of the year.
    Now I have to have my TP Link gigabit homeplugs connected for the Shield and google WiFi using Cat 6 cables as it doesn’t work too well over the WIFi streaming games.
    And whilst it works alright, I cannot have anyone stream anything like ATP Tennis on a Fire TV stick otherwise I get drops in resolution.

    Will the HD Gamers pack solve these issues? I’ve been playing Metro Exodus and it can lag every now and then? I’ve also been thinking of the UniFi equipment thinking I may get more control over the network?

    I’ve even considered changing to the ISP IDNet and it’s gamers package for unrestricted speeds?

    But I don’t know which of these options will make the most difference? I like the idea of the Amplifi HD gamers pack because it automatically uses a QOS for GeForce Now, but I don’t know how much difference this will actually make?

    Anyone got any advice? The HD Gamers pack will be available in the UK from end of May but it’s not cheap, £450!! I’m guessing the UniFi equipment will be a lot more.

  • The AmpliFi Gamers edition QoS certainly can help improve performance in your network. However it is hard to say whether or not the AmpliFi Gamers edition will resolve the streaming issues, there are many factors that can contribute to buffering and some of those factors will be outside of the AmpliFi Gamers edition control. The AmpliFi Gamers edition is certainly an upgrade over the current set up you have as far as range capabilities and QoS.

  • @ubnt-jt Thanks for the reply, I did look into the Ubiquit kit in the meantime and it doesn’t look like you can control the bandwidth off connected devices? Which is what I was after, see if manually limiting the Fire TV stick to 10mbps would help. Is this correct?

    Otherwise thanks for the tip on the wireless, using the GeForce Now on the Google WiFi wireless is worst performance then my homeplugs, but I would rather use WIFi if possible so it’s great to see you advising the Gamers HD is an upgrade in this area.

    I would look at ACX/ WIFi 6 routers, but as my Shield or anything I have doesn’t support this, only AC, then I figured that would be pointless? But this seems to be the best cure in the future?

    I also read that Apple device location services can have an impact, so I’ll try without those devices connected on the network, with the Google WiFi you can pause devices from using it.

  • @mark-richards You set bandwidth limits on the AmpliFi, you can pause a device or give certain devices a higher priority over the other devices on the network.

    WiFi 6 will certainly have some more throughput capabilities and be better for networks with many clients, however you are correct that your devices will probably not be compatible with WiFi 6 and therefore the benefits would not be there.

    I have not seen any errors on AmpliFi routers with location services being enabled on clients. The AmpliFi gamers edition powered by Nvidia will certainly pair well with Geforce Now services and your Shield.

  • @ubnt-jt cool, so can you set bandwidth limits for each device?
    I was playing Metro Exodus and with every device paused and no streaming, it did still lag a little, especially in night time scenes, but the resolution didn’t drop. The games graphics settings are automatically set pretty high though.

  • @mark-richards Unfortunately you cannot set the bandwidth parameters.

  • Ah well, can you do that on the Unifi Equipment?
    Basically I’m trying to ask which will give me the best performance, the Amplifi Gamers edition, or the upcoming Ubiquiti UniFi Equipment?

    It seems Unifi Equipment will handle multiple devices better at once? Is that right?

    Thank you for all your help by the way.

  • @mark-richards try an edge router X and use the amplifi for WiFi, I use an Asus RT-AC88U Infront of my amplifi for QoS and ips but the amplifi for better coverage and preformace.

  • @ubnt-jt why is that I thought you could or that I read a redit post or review about it,
    I could be wrong.

    But regardless it would be nice to have FQ-Codel or Cake FQ-CODEL for QoS in the amplifi, then it would kick ass.

  • Hi @mark-richards - the ‘Dream Machine’ would sure be a lot dreamier if it was WiFi 6...so hopefully they follow it up quickly with v2

  • @edward-dolezal Thanks, but wouldn’t it be a bit redundant if the Amplifi Gamers edition has a QOS for GeForce Now?

  • @mark-richards not really, considering that you can't set the bandwidth values which kind of breaks the concept of qos because no hard set values can be used.

  • I just had a look into Unifi’s QOS system, it seems it relies on ‘smart queues’ which you can’t manually configure? You turn it on and hope the software works properly. That wouldn’t work for game streaming as it would need to be prioritised all the time regardless. Hmm.. what can you set up in UniFi QOS?

  • @mark-richards I think what you are looking for is a set and forget QoS method one that auto detects traffic and priorities it automatically.

  • @edward-dolezal Not necessarily no, I want the best performance.
    But equally I don’t want lots of boxes, hence the all in one UniFi idea, I looked further into Unifi QOS and it seems It’s a set and forget system generally, it’s a standard used in different router makes.
    The reason for thinking of this kit is because being based off business equipment it may handle multiple devices better? Plus the interface is cool.

    But equally of interest is the Gamers Edition Amplifi because it’s endorsed by Nvidia for its Geforce Now service and he’s those mesh points, easy to just plug in. With the UniFi kit I’d need an access point plugged into the mains and then use my homeplugs to connect to the router.

    Ok, so I can’t talk abut future products, understandably on here... and as it’s a future device it’s performance cannot be tested or add to my discussion.


    What I guess I need is comparisons such as the one above on present UniFi equipment versus Amplifi... but that means adding something like an Edge router for its QOS abilities, would that even work with Google WiFi? It’s a little confusing with all this talk of bandwidth and security keys and different router models and APs for UniFi kit.
    It’s interesting how the EDGE router has been used in a gaming setup because of its QOS.

  • @mark-richards I have the non gamer's edition and I use it heavy preformace wise it smoked my Asus when it came to playing Xbox on WiFi and it's really good with my pc, since I live in Australia I can't get the gamers edition here sadly or I would have gotten it instead.

    The thing is it would be nice if the gamers edition had a deep packet inspection engine, it would help with the QoS to pick up what traffic is what and help to prioritise it for the best preformace, to he able to customer the bandwidth limits would greatly help the QoS mode because it can be set to what bandwidth you actually have from your ISP determined by a speed test, because you are setting limits it helps QoS have a frame of reference throw in flow que codel for packet scheduling and merry Christmas best possible preformace achieved, but that would be a future update in firmware.

  • Technically all the things I said would be only a firmware update away and it would replace my Asus in a heartbeat especially if they relase a stand alone unit.

  • @edward-dolezal So does the UniFi EDGE router have deep packer inspection? Is it better then the HD Gamers edition Geforce Now specific QOS profile?

  • @mark-richards to be honest I'm not entirely sure, at far as I'm aware only some routers have a doing engine that is used for both QoS and ips or intrusion prevention system, though
    I'll look I to the router you mentioned it might have more refined QoS control, since preformace is relatively subjective and dependant on a few variables.

    I was watching a video by battle nonsense about one of the edge routers an the QoS on it being really good.
    I don't remember him mentioning a doing engine, but I do remember him showing that it was good on latency and overall preformace, and for WiFi you can just use an amplifi kit, makes one powerful combo, I'm half tempted to do it my self actually one day.

  • @ubnt-jt I think I have some options here, with the GeForce Now QOS does it look for the GeForce Now packers and priorities them above everything else? Is this how it works?

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