Amplifi HD Slow WiFi

  • I have an Amplifi HD with 3 mesh points. My broadband is 450Mbps. I can get that wired to the router, however, if I connect to a meshpoint on wifi, I can only get about 125Mbps even on the 5Ghz band. I have great signal 70 - 95% on all mesh points. 125Mbps isn't bad, but is there any way to speed that wifi up? Thanks.

  • @chris-kacz have you tested enabled the Msdu setting and changing the channel?

  • I have the MSDU setting enabled. I've also tried the different channel options. It's on the ideal channel it appears.

  • @chris-kacz How are you testing and what device are you testing from, are you using 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

  • @ubnt-jt I'm testing using I tested wireless from an iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro, and Windows 10 laptop. I tested the wired connection from a Windows 10 desktop. I made sure the wireless is in 5Ghz according to the Amplifi app. I tested connected to the various mesh points and the router AP. If I connect directly to the router AP via wireless, I get nearly the full 400 Mbps. If I connect to any of the mesh points, it slows down to about 125 Mbps. Two of the three meshpoints are connected directly to the router. One meshpoint is connected to another mesh point. Thanks.

  • @chris-kacz What is the signal level to the MeshPoints and what is the backbone frequency for the MeshPoints?

  • @ubnt-jt

    MeshPoint 1 (Basement): 100%, Band: 5GHz
    MeshPoint 2 (1st Floor): 84%, Band: 5GHz (This one is connected to another meshpoint vice the router)
    MeshPoint 3 (2nd Floor): 84%, Band: 5GHz

    The router is in the basement.

  • @chris-kacz Can you move all the MeshPoints and then add them running a speed test between each addition?

  • Hi @chris-kacz - I believe @UBNT-JT probably meant to say "remove" all of the MeshPoints (not just "move" them) and then test the bandwidth, first directly connected to the router, and then add the MeshPoints one-by-one, testing the bandwidth from each one

    How far away is your Basement MeshPoint from the HD router?
    100% signal strength may be too high and an indication the MeshPoint is placed too close to the router, which can cause some undesired behavior

    Depending on your dwelling and the limitations for placement of the HD router in the basement, consider experimenting between centrally locating the HD router and locating the HD router and MeshPoints with as much horizontal separation as possible on opposite sides of the floors
    (It is often best not to have mesh points on top of each other, but every house is a different challenge)

    Directional aiming of the MeshPoints at the HD router may help to improve the backhaul connection as well

    If possible, you will also want to experiment with trying to get MeshPoint 3 on the 2nd floor connecting directly to the router, as there will be a performance drop if it connects through MeshPoint 2 or MeshPoint 1 - (do your placement experimenting with only one MeshPoint active at a time)

    Without knowing your environment, I would personally first try placing the HD router in the basement as centrally located as possible and removing MeshPoint 1 altogether
    Place MeshPoint 2 at one end of the 1st floor trying to connect directly to the HD router in the basement
    Then place MeshPoint 3 on the opposite end of the 2nd floor away from MeshPoint 2 also trying to connect directly to the HD router in the basement
    If none of that works just keep experimenting one MeshPoint at a time, checking speeds as you go

  • @ubnt-jt

    Wifi - tested with iphone XS Max on 5GHz band

    2nd Floor, No Mesh Points connected: 29ms ping, 21.62 Mbps Down, 11.90 Mbps Up
    2nd Floor, 2nd Floor Mesh Point connected: 11ms ping, 221.38 Mbps Down, 21.59 Mbps Up
    1st Floor, 2nd Floor Mesh Point connected, 20 ms ping, 14.95 Mbps Down, 11.15 Mbps Up
    1st Floor, 1st and 2nd Floor Mesh Points connected: 11ms ping, 178.32 Mbps Down, 22.34 Mbps Up
    Basement, 1st and 2nd Floor Mesh Points connected: 11ms ping, 252.43 Mbps Down, 18.89 Mbps Up
    Basement All 3 Mesh Points connected: 11ms ping, 100.32 Mbps Down, 21.80 Mbps Up

    Basement, direct connect to Amplifi HD router: 9ms ping, 451.0 Mbps Down, 22.5 Mbps Up

    Mesh Point Signal Strength:
    Basement: 100%
    1st Floor: 68% (in new reconfiguration, connected directly to router)
    2nd Floor: 84%

    Wired - Tested on Win10 Desktop: 8ms ping, 460.75 Mbps Down, 20.40 Mbps Up

  • @chris-kacz Can you send me a support file so I can look at the configuration a little better?

  • @ubnt-jt Sure. What do I need to do? I tried moving the Mesh Points around a bit following Derek's suggestion. Still have the issues though. Thanks.

  • Hi @chris-kacz - what are your speed expectations when connecting to a MeshPoint?

    If you are in the 400’s / 20’s connected directly to the router, being in the 200’s while connected to a MeshPoint one wireless hop away is not unusual

    There will be a further speed drop from a MeshPoint two wireless hops from the router

  • @Chris-Kacz
    Tripped over this thread. I've had the same issue. 550+ mb/s wired, 450+ wireless close to the router. Meshpoints are impossible to get > 180, and they fall off very quickly. This from support: "And to be honest slow speed on the mesh points is expected as they connect over wifi. If you are looking for fast speed along with the signal, the best setup would be connecting multiple routers as an Ethernet backhaul."

    So essentially the mesh points are really low-end range extenders, and the "system" is not designed for decent wifi. Kind of explains why their newer system is really just all router. This has left a bad taste in my mouth for the company unfortunately.

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