No Airplay on devices conectted to Amplifi Router Wifi

  • Hi, hope this hasn't been covered before, i cannot find any info on it.

    I have a cable modem/router from Xfinity. I hooked up my new Amplifi HD Mesh router to it and want to use the Amplifi as my wifi AP. Airplay devices do not show up on my phone or tablet when using the wifi from the Amplifi HD. I also have a Unifi AP hooked up to the Xfinity router and when using the Unifi AP wifi, airplay devices show up on my phone/tablet.

    Could this be because the HD router is hooked up to a router instead of directly to a modem? Is there any settings i can change to get the Amplifi HD router to show airplay when hooked up to the Xfinity router?

    Thanks, Chris

  • @chris-hoff Sounds like you may have a double NAT issue. from the sounds of it, you may need to place AmpliFi into bridge mode if the Xfinity router is your primary (Assumption since you have a UniFi AP configured to it)

  • @ubnt-brett Yes, Xfinity is in garage with un-managed switch where all cat 5 from house terminate. So would like to keep using Xfinity router in addition to Amplifi for wifi in middle of house. No way to resolve a double Nat issue? I did put Amplifi in bridge mode, but speed slowed way down and lost some functionality.

  • @chris-hoff Placing AmpliFi in bridge mode is required, this will remove the double NAT, which is more than likely the reason your devices could not communicate with each other.

    So when in bridge mode you were seeing performance issues? This would be the portion we would want to address so you can use AmpliFi in bridge mode. Can you elaborate on the performance issues you were seeing? What is your speed from the ISP and what speeds were you seeing wired from AmpliFi?

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