Performance drop noticed amongst devices under simulatenous use.

  • Identified an issue after just purchasing the HD system in my 1700 sq. ft. home. Have noticed that when the TV is connected to Netflix or Prime, and someone is watching a movie, my download speeds drop on my iPad Pro tablet from around 150Mbs to around 0.5 or less.

    This is a huge drop. I am making and assumption through observation that the movie is taking up all the bandwidth, and if this is the case, is a huge surprise. With my older Nighthawk R8000P Router, this does not happen.

    Question: Is there a way to ensure that this kind of behavior does not happen through the network so that there is fair throughput for all devices as equally as possible? Has anyone else experienced this? How did you solve it?

  • @o-s Can you please generate support files from your AmpliFi so we can inspect this further? As a test, in the app, select the family tab and on your iPad swipe left to set the QoS to "Gaming". This will give your iPad the highest priority. From there, perform the same test and see what the iPads performance is.

  • @ubnt-brett

    Hello. Thanks for your response. I set the ipad to Gaming. Performance dropped even further.

  • @ubnt-brett

    I actually kept testing back and forth and found that overall, there is little difference between whatever is chosen.

  • @o-s have you tested a change in WiFi channels to determine if there is any interference at all?

  • @edward-dolezal

    I actually thought to try this, but the app seems to have this as greyed out (currently set to AUTO using Channel 6). I will try this next. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • @o-s also is it capable of using 5ghz by any chance?

  • @edward-dolezal If you mean the iPad Pro, yes it is. I set it "Gaming" which forces the app to assign it the 5Ghz band. However speeds are the same.

    For reasons I cannot explain, when the Internet-connected TV starts to stream Netflix or Prime (via WebOS) apps, almost all the bandwidth is set aside for that device, robbing other devices of this throughput.

    When the TV closes those apps, the other devices can get back throughput to what is considered "normal" I guess (the iPad Pro normall downloads at about 150-175Mbs, but down to 3-5Mbs when the TV is streaming).

    I am looking for way for performance to be more similar to my previous router, where throughput is not reallocated to 1 device unless you set it to do that.

  • @o-s I have yet to see this type of behavior before. Lets start with support files so we can review and see whats happening.

    In the App Tap router icon> Support Info

    Reference this community post in the email and it will get assigned to me.

  • @ubnt-brett

    Thanks, Brett.

    Emails sent with attached service info.

  • @o-s out of curiosity: is your TV hard wired / connected via ethernet? or via wi-fi?

  • @virgil-nicolae

    Connected wirelessly.

  • @ubnt-brett

    Brett, I experimented with moving the location of the Mesh extender that was close to the TV, and moved it from behind that location to closer to the main unit by about 25% roughly in distance. The reception of the mesh unit went from 68% to around 80%.

    When watching shows, there was still a dip in throughput for devices that were not the TV, but was significantly better. Where I was getting 2-5Mbps it rose to around 50-80Mbps. When the TV is not streaming, I get about 150-180Mbps.

    Still strange that the TV streaming still has that kind of impact, but at least improved to something much more satisfactory.

    I would still like to look into this to see if I can understand this better to try to get speeds similar to the Netgear R8000P.

  • @o-s try turning on Msdu for clients if you haven't as of yet.

  • @edward-dolezal

    Thanks, I will try that this evening, although I don't know what this does or what trade-offs happen when selecting it. Would you know?

  • @o-s Thank you, i just received the files and will begin researching this.

  • @ubnt-brett

    After about a week or so, speeds now are close to normal and what I would call as decent. I’m wondering if placing the extender behind the TV might have caused a lot of interference. Either way, moving the extender closer to the main unit has improved speeds and consistency. I think I will just carry on and monitor this for a bit. Overall I’m happy with the system, so if anything changes I’ll post here. Thanks.

  • @o-s Interference was the likely cause after reviewing support files. They were gathered when it was relatively close to the TV so moving it closer to the router was the suggested fix. Glad to hear everything is working great! Keep me posted if anything changes.

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