Issues with local DNS / NetBIOS resolution

  • I have changed from a Netgear WNDR-4500 to Amplifi HD. With the Netgear router it was possible to access local servers from a wireless connected Win7-64 Professional notebook by their name (i.e. \server_name). Once I changed to Amplifi HD, it is only possible to access them by their IP address (i.e. \192.168.x.y). nslookup does not resolve to any available name (amplifi.lan is the local server).

    After browsing various threads in this community, I came across the "Bypass local DNS cache" option. Since I don't have another DNS service running locally, all DNS queries are now sent to the configured "outside" DNS servers (i.e. Google at, including queries for local server names. Google apparently replies in a way that local name resolution now works again.

    I don't know what exactly is prohibiting local name resolution when amplifi.lan is the DNS server. However, I feel a bit uncomfortable to forward any name resolution query to Google (or any other external) DNS server.

    Does anybody have similar experience or a suggestion how to properly address this issue? Or is this a known issues and will be fixed in an upcoming firmware release?