Erratic behaviour during connection setup

  • I've tried to setup the Teleport now for roughly 20 times. I find that the process is not always the same. Sometimes I go thru the flow as described in my setup post ( and sometimes I do get connected, but with steps missing.

    So far, I've encounterd:

    • Not getting the Teleport show up in the WiFi list for more then 5 minutes. Powering down and up again usually does the trick (but sometimes, I need to do it 4-5 times);
    • Teleport network 'disappears' during the setup. Usually I see this after first connection with the captive portal;
    • Teleport captive portal doesn't show up anymore after first connection with the wifi network to connect the Teleport to. So I don't get the portal again where the speedtests are being done.

  • re: @micha-r in Erratic behaviour during connection setup

    Theoretically you'd only lose connection to Teleport when switching between 2.4 and 5 GHz networks (it defaults to the former after factory resets) and when switching to the final teleported network.

    Perhaps we can keep the initial setup network alive during all the setup stages (and keep it on 2.4 GHz) to reduce switching. After the initial pairing, we could always use the teleported network even for setup (so there would be no switching at all). I'll take a look at this possibility.

  • The last option would really smooth things out. Just keep the user in the webinterface and make a graphical representation of what is going on between rh Amplifi AP, Teleport and user-device. It will make things more clear for new users.

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