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  • Alright. I just received this router yesterday. Setting it up was super easy and connecting the devices was pretty straightforward. But things went downhill from there.

    First, I have a harmony ultimate remote that I have almost everything programmed into it. The roku device is the only device that won't work with the harmony remote since I setup the new router. The roku is connected to the same WiFi as everything else though. The led is solid red now and I'm sure it's because of the roku.

    Secondly, the devices (or clients) are constantly losing connection. The modem is just in the next room so there's no reason why it would be working so sketchy. Now the Nintendo Switch won't connect although it was working fine last, and neither is the ps3 (even though it connected just fine last night.

    This shouldn't be happening. What can I do do resolve these issues?

    Lastly, my connection speed is only 39mbps on my ps4. This is on the same floor as the router and a few meters from the mesh. Is that really worth $550!?

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  • @joshua-hamilton first did you enable any of the K/V/R or msdu settings?

    Secondly try changing channels or bands.

    Last resort is to factory reset.

    Also could you please describe the modem setup and the router set up as in is the modem in bridge mode?

  • Never mind. I know for sure it's just a faulty piece

  • @joshua-hamilton What exactly did you find was faulty, and is everything working properly now? One thing to consider based on your description is the modem you have. If it is a modem router combo then either it or AmpliFi will need to be placed into bridge mode to prevent a double NAT situation.

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