Amplifi with movistar iptv

  • Hi, my current configuration would be the following: the movistar hgu mitrastar in normal mode and this connect the amplifi, which connected by cable, takes the connection to another plant where I have a unifi pro access point that gives wifi coverage and connected by cable to decoder of the tv, for this to work I have to configure the amplifi in bridge mode, in this way movistartv works correctly but all the routing load is done by the hgu.
    I tried to configure the amplifi to use it as the main router, but having connected the deco to access point would not be worth putting the hgu in bridge mode because it would lose wifi connectivity at unifi unit.
    I have been doing various tests, and so far I have managed to operate the tv through the amplifi in static mode, getting it to handle the dhcp, but only live channels are seen. Changing the dns of the desco that by default was the ip of the hgu by the 172.26.xx.x I have managed to load the guide and the logos of the channels, but the recordings and the direct control do not load.
    Can you think of any configuration to get those movistar services working with this configuration?

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